Random Reminders

One of the reasons that I wrote this app was to encourage randomness.  Randomness can be defined as a quality which is not predictable: while it may be impossible to encourage randomness (or creativity) directly, it clearly is possible to discourage predictable behavior.

There are currently two examples of randomness in this program.  One is a game in the about box, and the other is present in the Timer page.

When using the countdown Timer, it is possible to set the timer in a loop so that it goes off at a random interval.  To do this, first go the the Timer page, then select settings.  Set the Min reset value to the minimum amount of time you wish to elapse before the timer goes off, and set the Max reset value to the maximum amount of time you wish to elapse.  Once you have done this, time timer will begin again every time it has finished.

When the timer elapses, the sound for the category will go off, and an option text note will be displayed.  The app comes with the Lojong sayings embedded in the “meditate” category: see the post about Changing the Settings for more information about changing the sounds and text that accompany the alarms.



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