Is it possible to develop technology that helps you to visualize and expand your awareness?  To do that requires that you know yourself: you must become aware of things of which you are currently unaware.

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The Psygraph app is a set of four tools to quantify your meditation practice:

  • a stopwatch for tracking meditation.
  • a countdown bell that delivers inspirational quotes.
  • a counter to track your breathing and mindfulness.
  • a utility for taking text and audio notes.

Each tool has a simple interface (consisting of one or two buttons) and a settings page to customize its behavior.  Each tool saves its events and/or sensor data (such as accelerometer or bluetooth device data) for subsequent analysis and display.

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The Psygraph web site allows you to visualize your activities by providing objective measurements about what you spend your time doing.  It displays the amount of time you have spent in meditation sessions, offers a quantitative measure of mindfulness based on simple breath counting, and saves any audio or text notes you create.

Psygraph is cost-free, ad-free, and we won’t sell your data to anyone: this software is developed in order to be of benefit to all people.  In order to use Psygraph, all you need to do is download the app (you can even try out an online version).  You can optionally synchronize that data with this or any other WordPress site (after registering or installing the plugin on your own WordPress site).