Privacy Policy

The Psygraph app collects data for your analysis when you use its tools (e.g. the stopwatch or the counter). That data includes things such as location (GPS), acceleration data, and heart rate information collected from attached bluetooth devices.  GPS data may continue to be collected when the stopwatch is running in the background (assuming that permission has been granted by the user).

Please note that this data is recorded exclusively for your own use, and no one else has access to it.  In other words: 

  • No data is stored except on the device itself, and you are the only one with access to that data (unless you chose to email that data to someone).
  • This software does not contain ads or have any access to your personal identification (i.e. you are not the product).

In an age where people’s behavior is increasingly commoditized, the data that people generate is used and sold. Not only are you not being paid for it, but in most cases, you do not have access to it (e.g. facebook, phone and computer usage data, etc). We encourage you to fight against that trend whenever possible (for an interesting movie on this topic, see ).