Changing the Category Settings

Someday, the Psygraph category settings will integrate better with WordPress.  Until that day, you can edit the categories using the web client.

Every Psygraph category has the following modifiable options:

  • Description: the category description.
  • Style: A CSS style file that governs the display of each category: think of it as a “skin” that only nerds can alter.
  • Sound: The sound that is played when a timer elapses in the given category.
  • Text: An XML file that shows the display.

Each of these fields can be changed by setting the URL of a new file (either CSS, audio, or XML) in the relevant edit box.  If you are using the web client, it is also possible to specify the sound directly by base-64 encoding it (in the web client, click on the link to the left of the edit box).

The Style, Sound, and Text files that ship with the program can be found at  If you wish to provide your own alert quotes, you might start by modifying



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