Data Policy and Legal

The Psygraph app is available free of charge.  It collects data for your use, and optionally logs that data to a WordPress server (either at or any other WordPress site that has the plugin installed).  All of the data on the server is protected by default, but you can select to make that data publicly available (which allows things like publicly-accessible RSS feeds).  However, you may also choose not to upload the data at all.

There are a few legal things that we should mention:

  • We do not sell ads, and we do not give your data to anyone else. If you prefer to keep your data offline (local to your phone), that option is available.
  • Psygraph is copyright 2014-2015. Our legal policy is: “Use this software at your own risk.” You sign a EULA when you register: read it for more details.
  • We are happy to provide this software freely. We hope that it improves your life, and we ask in return that people be kind to one another.  You are interconnected: if you do not realize this on a deep (heart) level, please reflect on this issue.

The production of this app would not be possible without standing on the shoulders of others who have kindly shared their software freely. To everyone who has contributed, thank you. For a list of specific software, please see the About box in the app.