The Psygraph app consists of four tools: Stopwatch, Timer, Counter, and Note.  The basic operation is simple: start using the various timers, alarms, and notes to keep track of your meditation and other activities.  This data, as well as data from the sensors on your mobile device, is saved and can be analyzed and visualized to help you track patterns over time. To the degree that the tools can help you track your level of mindfulness, you can use this feedback to guide your practice.

Top Nine

Here are the top nine features of Psygraph:

  • Stopwatch and countdown Timer, with easily configurable alarm sounds.
  • Ability to set a random Timer alarm (which displays a text message of your choosing).
  • Collection of GPS, accelerometer, and sensor data (for scientific analyses).
  • A Note page that allows you to upload text, MP4 audio clips, and transcribed speech (if your device supports it).
  • A Breath Counter that serves as a measure of mindfulness.
  • A Motion Detector that allows you to increment values through movement (i.e. shake your phone to increment the counter).
  • Track your data using multiple, user-defined categories.
  • Display events and data with Lists and Graphs.
  • Data import and export via CSV and JSON files.

It is also worth noting the top three “not-features”:

  • NO adware, we don’t do that.  Your mind should not be forced to perceive subliminal (or liminal) advertizing of any kind.  Keep your mind clean 🙂
  • NO information-collecting.  It’s your information.
  • NO paying for extra features, they are all included.  We hope you use our software to improve your life and the lives of others.

In order to get a quick feel for the application and its capabilities, here is a quick introductory video.