News and Updates

  • Xmas 2017 - Version 0.8.2 has been released, with lots of interface changes and other good changes. I also have a 30-minute meditation workflow that I’d like to recommend: Sit in your favorite place to meditate and start the stopwatch. Switch to the breath counter and meditate while counting breaths (5 minutes) Switch to the timer and set it … Continue reading Xmas 2017
  • Version 0.7.2 - Version 0.7.2 has been released, and this post to let you know was written from within the Psygraph app itself. That makes this the only meditation app to support podcasts đŸ™‚ The release mostly contains small fixes, although it does now support screen rotation. enjoy, ~the Psygraph team Location: [Lat: 35.6823460599, Lng: -105.908048569]
  • Version 0.7 - Version 0.7 of the App will be available for download in the next week or so for both IOS and Android. It has been significantly improved in terms of usability and feature set. Of particular note is the breath counting feature in the Counter tool, which can be used as a measure of mindfulness. Basically, … Continue reading Version 0.7
  • Measuring Mindfulness - How can one measure mindfulness? What is this app besides a timer? Well, one thing that we’ve made easier is based on a suggestion by Richie Davidson, who states that a very simple measure of mindfulness is simply counting one’s breaths. Basically, you can use the Counter page to count breaths, pressing the right button … Continue reading Measuring Mindfulness
  • Version 0.5 - Version 0.5 is about to ship. The WordPress plugin has been approved, and the source code will be available from the WP Subversion repository shortly. I will upload the Android application later today: I am happy to report that there are no known bugs, and the app is performing solidly both offline and online. That … Continue reading Version 0.5
  • Beta time - We are ready to release a beta version of the iOS and Android mobile apps in preparation for release on the Apple iStore and Google Play. If you wish to sign up for the beta, please select the “beta” option in your user settings, and we will email you a link to download the app … Continue reading Beta time
  • Version 0.1 has been released. - Our IOS developer license has arrived, and a beta version of the Trac software is ready for Android and the Web. Hopefully the app will be available in the Apple store soon. May it benefit all beings.