Top Ten

Here are the top ten features of Psygraph:

  • Stopwatch and countdown Timer, with easily configurable alarm sounds.
  • Ability to set a random Timer alarm (which displays a text message of your choosing).
  • Collection of GPS, accelerometer, and sensor data (for scientific analyses).
  • A Note page that allows you to upload text, MP4 audio clips, and transcribed speech (if your device supports it).
  • A Breath Counter that serves as a measure of mindfulness.
  • A Motion Detector that allows you to increment values through movement (i.e. shake your phone to increment the counter).
  • Integration with WordPress.
  • Track your data using multiple, user-defined categories.
  • Display events and data with Lists and Graphs.
  • Data import and export via CSV files (export ICS, HTML, and KML).

It is also worth noting the top three “not-features”:

  • NO adware, we don’t do that.  Your mind should not be forced to perceive subliminal (or liminal) advertizing of any kind.  Keep your mind clean 🙂
  • NO information-selling.  It’s your information: if its worth something, you should be getting paid.
  • NO paying for extra features, they are all included.  We hope you use our software to improve your life and the lives of others.